Adobe Flash Player Updates to Fix New Critical Vulnerabilities

Adobe recently launched some security updates for Flash Player, and they take part as their monthly patch Tuesday. It happened in September of 2018, and it takes care of the critical vulnerabilities in ColdFusion, too, vulnerabilities that can let attackers make commands on a possible vulnerable server.

Those of you who have the affected product are asked to update it to the last version as soon as possible.

Their August updates come with the version

In August, Adobe released a security update for this Adobe Flash Player, for Chrome OS, macOS, Linux, and Windows. This update took place because of the exposed vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player and its older versions, thing that was reported by Microsoft’s Security Response Center.

After the update gets installed, Adobe Flash Player will get its version.

There’s a security update available for ColdFusion, too

It happened in 2018 when Adobe released a security update for ColdFusion, also in 2006 and 2011, and it fixes lots of vulnerabilities, even the five crucial ones that allow the execution of code on a server by an insolated attacker, and another one that lets the files to be overwritten.

With this one, it also came two information exposed vulnerabilities that allow the creation of folders. However, we’re not sure whether these vulnerabilities have been used in attacks or not.

Adobe released a security bulletin, and they ask for all users of ColdFusion to follow the lockdown guides that come with their respective versions of the ColdFusion program.

The team behind Adobe also ask the customers to take into account the security configuration settings as they’re charted on the ColdFusion Security page and also to review the Lockdown guides.

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