Best Streaming Devices – Roku vs. Google Chromecast 2 vs. Nvidia Shield

You can stream online content directly to your TV in a lot of ways such as small streaming sticks, simple set-top boxes, and powerful game consoles. With minimum fuss and the largest selection, the Roku Streaming Stick+ ($70) is the one for you. It is a 4k-compatible device which features a wireless range amplifier, more than 5,000 channels and a powerful search spec which help you pinpoint your favorite content by trawling multiple services. If you are more of a minimalist streamer, Google Chromecast ($35) might suit you best as it has a low price tag and matches a streamlined feature set.


Streaming 4K is cheaper than ever with the help of the $40 Premiere from Roku which will also add Google Assistant, not a long way from now.

Now there is no decision to make between content selection and price when it comes to 4K HDR streaming players because the Roku Streaming Stick+ has got all you want. You can get it at an amazing price of $70, and after that, it will allow you to take advantage of more than 5,000 channels. The device has an unobtrusive and small design because it has a wireless amplifier, so it is not hard to get a strong signal no matter where you are in your home.

Google Chromecast 2

The Chromecast 2, like any good streaming stick, is portable, concealable, and it does not take too much space in your room. Now, due to a recent redesign, the device has a splash of color as well. However, the second version of this device was improved in other ways such as the fact that it features an adaptive antenna system, and it supports 802.11ac. Now that the Chromecast has the additional support for Spotify as well, you know which one you must take between the Roku’s Streaming Stick and the Chromecast which is also budget friendly.

Nvidia Shield

As a difference between a gaming console and a streaming box, we have gotten the Nvidia Shield which is good in both the mentioned aspects. Besides enjoying your favorite movies and shows on popular apps such as Netflix, Amazon (the only Android TV player that has it), and Hulu you can also stream top-tier PC titles from the GeForce Now program or get your hands on high-end Android games. The Shield can become a replacement for the Plex Media Server and eventually you will be able to control your smart home tech through voice commands. Now if you also want to see everything in 4K HDR and maybe use a USB to play your own media, the Shiels is the dream of the most versatile streaming players available.

At first glance, you might think that you can only watch Sling TV on the Dish AirTV, but that is not even the furthest case. It incorporates broadcast channels directly from an HD antenna and provides a full roster of Android TV Apps. The AirTv is the best you can get if you want to see all the channels available from Sling and from your local antenna too.

If you are more like an Apple fan, the company’s 4K TV is finally equipped with 4K HDR support. Besides watching TV shows on your big screen and iTunes movies, you can get the advantage of the hundreds of streaming apps as well along with playing games and receiving AirPlay content from other Apple devices. You can even get your smart home devices controlled by this amazing TV using Siri.

Now it is the time to make your decision wisely as you got all you needed.

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