iPhone XS Max Offers Additional Accessibility Option with HDR Support

The new iPhone XS series has recently launched and iPhone XS Max offers an additional accessibility option that is not present on the XS.

What is Display Zoom?

Display Zoom is an accessibility feature that increases the size of the content displayed on screen beyond the standard resolution. The option was first introduced with iPhone 6 but it was not available on the iPhone X and it is available on the XS.

How to enable Display Zoom?

The function can be easily turned on if you go to Settings/Display & Brightness and View and simply tap on it to turn it on. Display Zoom will increase the size of the buttons and content displayed on the screen, and it will automatically adjust text size if Dynamic Text is supported.

The option had a significant impact on larger iPhones since it benefited from the additional space offered by the iPhone 6 Plus. The app upscales a smaller user interface, a process which keeps the image clear.

The larger size of the iPhone XR hints to the fact that it will also be available on the device since the screen is still larger than the one offered on the iPhone XS, even if the aspect ratio is the same.

A host of other accessibility options are also available across the iPhone family, and you can find some below

  1. Use the side button as a shortcut

If you would like to use your side button as an app shortcut you can simply go to Settings/General/Accessibility/Accessibility Shortcut and highlight your favorite features.

In order to use the shortcut you will have to press the side button three times successively.

Control Center shortcuts:

You can customize your Control Center by going to: Settings/Control Center/ Customize Controls, and select the needed accessibility features like shortcuts, magnifier, hearing aids and other options.

The features are incredibly valuable to certain people and should be a staple for any modern smartphone.

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