Terra Battle 5.5.1 Update Download Available with Bug Fixes

Terra Battle 5.5.1 is an upgrade to the popular RPG (Role Playing Game) which presents you with an encounter capable of tearing away the veil that surrounds the secrets of the world as it sets in motion the gears of fate. This game allows you to move your units as freely as possible around a map with a grid design. Maneuver your characters as you would like in order to surprise your enemies.

Use the map in your favor to outflank your opponents and perform a pincer attack which will allow you to strike down on your enemies from both sides. Also, Terra Battle features chain attacks which will let you get rid of multiple characters with just a single swoop. Chain attacks suppose that your characters must be properly positioned with your allies.

The bonus items found on the map can work as advantages in your way of obliterating your enemies. Use strategy in order to customize          your characters through skills and jobs. In terms of job changes, your characters can undergo three of them. New skills can be acquired and combined in order to create a character that fits your style of play best.

Terra Battle 5.5.1 is the latest update to an expansive game world which you will experience with great enthusiasm. Hundreds of battle maps are at your disposition to enjoy with your friends as you encounter hundreds of worthy foes.

Speaking of enemies, you should know that this game will offer you a plethora of foes which are highly distinctive and diverse. You will take them on as you make your way through a range of battle maps. The mysteries of this peculiar new world will start to unravel as you prevail against these foes in a gradual manner.

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