Windows 10 October 2018 Update Fixed Bugs – Makes Your Data Safer

We have some good news for you about the latest Microsoft update that was released this month. Microsoft was able to understand why this update removed data from some users’ computers. The company has fixed the Windows 10 October 2018 Update and at the moment is being given out to Windows Insiders in order to test it.

What should you do if you were affected by last week’s bug

Because of this unexpected bug, some people might have lost some files, which can only be recovered through a backup. The company is advising those who were affected by this problem to get in touch with the support. There is also undeleted software which can help to restore deleted files, and it seems that the company’s support will assist users who lost data with the procedure of recovering the lost files at no cost.

Microsoft’s advice for the moment

Microsoft has mentioned that only a few users were in fact affected by this problem and they also released a clarification of what happened. For the time being, the advice for the users whose PCs suffered from this bug is to try to use their machines as little as possible, as this will give them more chances to have a successful undeletion.

What else you should know about the October Update

There are certain directories, such as Documents, Pictures and Desktop that are known as “Known Folders”. This type of folders are special because a software can ask the operating system to locate the path of a folder without hardcoding any names. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way, as the storage location of the Known Folders can be easily changed through something known as Known Folder Redirection.

However, keep in mind that redirecting a Known Folder doesn’t delete the original folder and in case there are still some files in the original location, this process doesn’t transfer those specific files to the new folder. The problem here is that you would end up having files in two different locations and this is exactly what the October 2018 Update was trying to fix. It didn’t really go the way it was planned, but it’s good that the situation was rapidly fixed by Microsoft.

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