Nova Launcher Prime Update – Best Android Launcher So Far?

Getting the Nova Launcher Prime can be a good thing. Imagine not having to pay for it – you can do that now, if you download the APK file. If you have the free version on your mobile device, perhaps you might want to get rid of the Nova Launcher and the Tesla Unread plugin before you actually install the Nova Launcher Prime APK.

But the real question is if the Nova Launcher is the best Android Launcher so far. We think so. It offers some kind of customization that allows you to go ahead and explore the features on your smartphone – features that might not be available to you otherwise, while it also allows you to organize your home screen and the drawer apps how it suits you best.

You expect people to start talking about the improvements and the modifications they’d like to see done when it comes to their devices. Google designed his own operating system in order to be customizable. It allows core portions of its original OS to be replaced with things written by a third-party. One of them is the Nova Launcher. It’s extremely popular among the home screen launchers.

Why is it so good?

Mostly because it’s very simple to use and it has an interface that’s really good with beginners. However, it also helps the fact that its customization exists and brings money. It’s quite detailed – you can change icons and grid sizes. You can even use fine-tuning animations, as well as transitions.

The gestures

From the moment you upgrade to prime, you can get access to the gesture list of Nova. You can swipe up and down, double tap or swipe with two fingers. You can use all these gestures to change the way icons move on your home screen. You can also pull downs the notification shade and pull up the app drawer.

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