Get to Know the Websites Better – Hosting vs. Domain

Web Hosting

When a website is created by a web developer, they do that in code. The languages that are used by the web developer to write the code are CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript. After they finish the development of the code, it can be stored on a PC’s hard drive.

In case they want to, the website can be run from the hard drive. As long as an internet connection is provided, you can access their site like any other website on the internet. Websites were originally maintained from a local server.

Web Hosts

Millions of websites’ software and hardware could be maintained by only a couple of people using this method. However, if a company is owning the vault, then they can increase their bandwidth by paying more money to the ISP. Besides that, a 24/7 uptime guarantee could also be provided by the ISP.

This happened a couple of years ago in 1944 when GeoCities was founded by Rezner and Bohnett. That was the first web hosting service to exist. Even though now the things are more complicated, the fundamental notions had not changed.

Using their servers, the web hosts store the code of the site for you. They can also provide you with data security, email accounts, CMS management, FTP access, Cloud VPS hosting, and many more.

Maintaining and owning a website is no longer possible for everyone. You would need the help of such services to do so because it requires too much expertise in numerous areas and a lot of time.

Domain Names

It is impossible that you have never heard of the term “IP address.” It defines which method is used to find a certain website. The Internet Protocol address is long for IP address.

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