A Software Update for the Oculus Rift has been Launched

The end of September has introduced to us the Oculus Connect 5 and together with it came a whole other bunch of announcements, the pick of it all being the news about the Oculus Quest. In fact, this was the finalized version because the work began at the same time with the release of the Santa Cruz prototype display which has to be mounted on your head (HMD).

This year’s Oculus Connect didn’t just evolve discussing new hardware, instead it placed quite a bit of focus on evolving the current software. After the preview was performed during the event, Oculus decided to release the latest software package version for the Oculus Rift, which previously had the name of Rift Core 2.0.

This updates will come, apparently, with improvements to existing features and new ones as well. Also, the performance level was improved and the user interface has received upgrades as well. All these changes make the new Oculus Home more customizable than ever before. The latest company blog focuses on the update, confirming Oculus VR: “This new software release marks the culmination of months of work and the start of an exciting new phase for Rift. From here, we’ll continue to evolve features and functionality on a monthly basis”.

Dash, the new system interface for the Rift will allow such evolution to happen. Dash will bring greater access and control for users, whether they use the PC or their phones and besides all this, it will also include Experiments, as Oculus calls them. These consist of potential upcoming features which can be tested by users and then they can also give their feedback.

The Custom Developer Items is yet another big update, consisting of unlockable in-game objects, pieces of art and all sorts of other things.

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