The Best Financial Apps for your Device

Money management apps have become very popular in recent years, particularly among millennials.

There is an app out there for everyone, as they allow you to create a custom budge, track your credit card or follow your savings.

Jack-of-all trades: Mint

Mint offers a comprehensive website and app that keep track of your finances and buying habits at the same time. Data is centralized and you can see how many dollars you spent on those delicious Pumpkin Spice lattes.

What sets Mint apart is the ability to link your bank accounts, credit cards and bills, allowing you to pay easily pay your bills without the need to swap accounts. A handy notification feature will also notify you when a bill is due, helping you to save money.

Invest your change with Acorns

Acorns is an intuitive app that seamlessly converts your change into an investment. If pay for a 9.50 gas refill, Acorns will add another 50 cents, and send them to a designated exchange-trading fund. It may not seem much, but you will see the difference in the long run.

Keep an eye on spending with PocketGuard

PocketGuard will track your spending budget, so you won’t overspend accidentally. It also tracks recurring utility bills while also offering alternatives that may bring the costs down.

Handy receipts with Wally

Wally allows you to take a photo of your receipts and add them into the app. Once they are loaded, it will track your budget and help you reach your financial goals.

Keep your partner happy with Good Budget

Good budget offers a great money managing app for couples. The app uses the envelop method in order to assign a specific budget for a particular category. When the budget limit is reached for the month, a cool-down period starts until the next month begins. Accounts can be synched allowing partners to follow the budget.

Monitor credit score with Credit Karma

Good credit scores are essential when a major credit is needed. Credit Karma will monitor your credit score, offer monthly updates, and use your statistics in order to recommend credit cards and loans appropriate for your score level.

Easy planning with Albert

If financial planning seems boring or you have issues while creating a budget, Albert has you covered. It offers comprehensive financial recommendations based on your lifestyle, and it will automatically transfer money into your savings account every month.

Use the advancement of the digital age and install a money management app today.  Make your life easier and even earn some pocket money at the same time. You will certainly see the positive effects in the long run.

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