Firefox Focus: The Privacy Browser 8.0 Comes with Improvements and Bug Fixes

We live in a world where there panic of anyone being able of tracking us down or watching us is increasing rapidly. Those of us that don’t like the idea of someone watching what we do might have it pretty hard when it comes to browsing. Luckily, there is the Firefox Focus option available. This new browser is capable of blocking automatically a list of various online trackers starting from the moment you open it and lasting until you completely turn it off.

You will be able of quickly getting rid of your online history, cookies or passwords so that things like unwanted ads won’t be able of following you around. There are a lot of browsers that advertise themselves as offering ‘private browsers’ but on most of them it isn’t comprehensive or convenient to use.

Firefox Focus 8.0 offers a upgraded level of privacy that will always be on and on the user’s side and besides all this, it is completely free. This mission statement comes from Mozilla, the non-profit company that made fighting for your rights on the internet its quest. As we previously said, you will benefit from automatic privacy. What this means is that a wide range of trackers commonly found on the web will be blocked without you having to set up any particular settings.

Focus will erase your history easily, including trackers, passwords or cookies. Another benefit you will get from this browser’s capability of removing ads and trackers (despite the obvious thing of making your online experience clutter-free) is represented by less data requirements and a faster browsing time, allowing web pages to load faster.

As we already stated, this browser, Firefox Focus 8.0, comes from Mozilla, a company that started in 1998 with the feeling that everyone should be in charge of their online lives.

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