Microsoft Excel 16.0.11001.20049 Beta Comes With Great New Features

This app comes with the powerful spreadsheet which the classical Office program Excel has gotten us used to. You will be able to make, edit, view and share your work with other people in a relaxed and fast manner. Also, you will be able to edit and view workbooks which come attached to email messages.

Features which make Excel great

Excel allows your ‘office’ to move along with you and its amazing features makes it easy to implement even the most complex of formulas. You can either start a budget or review your work on the go. Robust formatting tools and helpful features will let you customize your spreadsheet to meet your individual needs.

Analyze, calculate and create conveniently

Modern Excel templates will jumpstart your task list, financial analysis, budget or accounting. You will be able to use familiar formulas to analyze data and run calculations. Intuitive formatting options and helpful features will make your work more accessible to both use and read. Regardless of the device, you are using, Microsoft Excel 16.0.11001.20049 Beta will work the same way concerning formats, features, and formulas.

Review or edit your work from anywhere

Your Excel files will become reviewable from anywhere, regardless of the device. Your task list can be updated or modified on the go. Sort and filter columns or other such features can keep your focus on your review and your sheets will be easy to make, hide, duplicate or made visible again.

Make notes or share easily

The draw tab feature in Excel can be used by devices with touch capabilities, enabling you to highlight portions of the spreadsheet, make notes, write equations or create shapes. Last but not least, when you wish to get a second opinion, you can always share your files with just a few taps.

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