Huawei’s CEO Stated They’re Working On “Foldable 5G Phones” – Release Date in Mid-2019

Let the battle of foldable phones begin! Huawei already stated that they will release a foldable phone for mid-2019. Until now, headlines were all about the rumors at Samsung’s probable foldable phone, but the Chinese might beat the Korean smartphone manufacturer as they plan the release.

So, who needs more Samsung rumors, when there are statements from Huawei about this new smartphone that will not only come with 5G but it will also be foldable!

Rumors have it that Samsung will show off their tech next month, but Huawei CEO Richard Yu confirmed in an interview with Digital Trends that the company will release a foldable smartphone next year, sometime around June, adding that it will also come with 5G:

We are working on foldable phones. Foldable 5G phones

That smartphone could even be based on the Huawei Mate 20 X, which has been seen by the company as a Nintendo Switch competitor.

The Foldable Smartphone Concept

Who came with the idea first? Originally, Samsung presented a concept trailer at a stage event in 2014. The showed off a phone that looked like a wallet, with a tablet screen that would spring out of a handle. Four years later, the company hasn’t showed any progress. Advancement of technology, the rise of budget and competitors from China has made the initial race for innovation between Apple and Samsung a lot difficult lately – not to mention that Apple has some patents reserved as well.

Will Huawei manage to release the foldable phone before Samsung? We don’t know yet, but what we do know is that it won’t be the first 5G-enabled device. Xiaomi is expected to release the first G5 device Mi Mix 3 next week.

Samsung, Apple, Google and more companies are looking into making larger screens, but the market is over shrinking bezels, and looking toward the tech that makes the phones smaller by folding them up. That means big devices will fit inside our pockets, AT LAST! Think of a 8-inch tablet becoming your phone that you can easily fish out of your pocket!

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