Here’s What You Need To Know Ahead Of The MacBook 2018 Release

On the 30th of October, 2018, inside the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House, Apple will hold the “There’s more in the making” event.
Just recently, the Californian company sent out invites for this occasion. The event will feature a range of devices, and among them, we will find the MacBook 2018 as well.

Rumors and confusion

The 2018 MacBook drew so many rumors in its regards that people became confused due to many conflicting suppositions. Some voices were claiming that it will come with changes; however, we still don’t know if they will be applied to the traditional MacBook or the MacBook Air.

The Display

The Retina Display has been on people’s lips constantly when it came to the MacBook’s new features. Right now, only the Air model doesn’t feature a Retina screen. Since we mentioned it, expect the MacBook Air 2018 to come with larger display size and with thinner bezels.

New chips

The MacBook Air 2018 will come with a new processor, and right now, there are three possible choices: Amber Lake chips, Kaby Lake Refresh line or the Whiskey Lake Y-series.
Touch ID

The incorporation of the Touch ID feature is yet another running rumor. Kuo, the known analyst, believes that the new MacBooks will get rid of the Touch Bar and they will replace it with Touch ID.


In September, a Digitimes roundup was performed by BGR, consisting of all the upcoming ultrathin laptops. Among them, Apple will supposedly release an ultrathin MacBook soon, but we don’t know the model.


Bloomberg reported in August that Apple would release a MacBook Air lookalike, but with thinner bezels, 13 inches of screen size and a Retina display with higher resolution. The article said that it would be ‘low-cost’ but didn’t speak of a sum. We just have to wait.

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