Files Go – Google Play Peer-to-Peer App Sharing

A pretty standard behavior in our world these days is represented by sideloading or sharing APKs. Software keeps on increasing its size, so a lot of users find themselves unable of coming across a connection that is stable or cheap enough for them to download games or apps they would otherwise love to try out.

What can we do?

In case your friends are already in possession of these ample apps, then it would be pretty simple to get the files from one device to the other. Google found out about this and worked on making this process as secure as possible so that you won’t suffer from harmful apps.

Google’s intention

Back in June, Google made an announcement about the “distributed by Google Play” metadata. Just two days ago, this protection feature started to roll out. Google said that for now this feature is available only in SHAREit and only later would it come to Files Go. However, it appears that it is already working in the latter.

How does it work?

Sharing an app through Files Go will have you opening the app and navigate through it until you come across the Browse tab, then Apps. Here you will see a list showing you the APK files and the installed apps. Identify the ones you want to share and choose ‘Send with Files Go’.

What will happen then?

Files Go will start this sharing process – peer-to-peer – creating a hotspot between the devices involved. Even if neither of the devices has a data connection, the process will still work. Since it works through Wi-Fi, it is much faster than Bluetooth, so even if you have to send files bigger than 100 MB, it will still take like 10 seconds for it to be done.

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