Firefox 63 Rolled Out With Enhanced Tracking Protection And A Built-in VPN Service

Mozilla is deploying the new Firefox 63 which includes a new tool called enhanced tracking protection, which prevents websites from tracking Internet users’ online activity. A VPN service will also be offered to randomly-selected users for free. With Firefox 63 currently being deployed, Mozilla is fine-tuning its approach to prevent websites and advertisers from tracking Internet users’ online activity.

Firefox 63 features a more enhanced tracking protection for a more private browsing experience

To this end, the Mozilla Foundation uses the “enhanced tracking protection” tool, even if it is disabled by default. Mozilla was already at work with Tracking Protection, targeting the blocking of ad tracking tools. Since the Firefox 57 launch, Mozilla has improved the functionality continually. But with Firefox 63, the feature enhanced even further.

The function now blocks all tracking cookies. Mozilla states “that with this new version of Firefox, users will have the ability to block cookies and access to third-party tracker storage, which is the most common form of inter-site tracking.”

Firefox 63 comes with a VPN service via ProtonVPN, besides the enhanced tracking protection

As part of a test, randomly selected Firefox users will be offered a subscription to ProtonVPN. The VPN (virtual private network) ensures the protection and confidentiality of the users’ network, by creating a direct link between remote machines. That allows you to hide your IP address from the websites you visit.

As a paid service, ProtonVPN will cover a $10 monthly subscription to these Firefox users. Part of these subscription fees will go to Mozilla.

While some may consider that this commercial agreement is inconsistent with Mozilla’s principles, it can be regarded as that offering a quality VPN to Internet users is in line with privacy protection. The latter is, as we have seen, at the heart of Firefox 63 which also comes with the “enhanced tracking protection” feature.

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