Windows 10 – 40 New Bug Fixes Served By Microsoft

Just recently, Microsoft released the new build of Windows 10. Version 1803 was released in April, and it will be used by most users until Microsoft will recommence the rollout of version 1809, the update set in October 2018.

The new release

Dubbed KB44629330, the new release updates version 1803 to build 1713 4376. Also, it brings along 43 new bug fixes that aim to improve the OS’s quality. As you can expect, you won’t find other OS features.

The second one

This one represents only the second lot of cumulative updates for October after KB4462919 that came with this month’s Patch Tuesday. Then, it triggered BSODs on some HP machines, and the apparent cause was a faulty HP keyboard driver that pushed out through Windows Update.

Audio bug fix

That bug was fixed with an update that was released previously this month, so it wasn’t solved with this new build. However, the latest update did solve an audio problem that killed sound when people used Bluetooth audio devices – volume control, call control or streaming music. Error messages involved btha2dp.sys, btagservice.dll, bthavctpsvc.dll.

Fix after fix

As we said, there are over 40 bug fixes included in this update, so this audio one is but a small part of the entire process. Another fixed issue cured Windows of stopping to work when a Bluetooth device was removed by accident.

Enterprise and government admins will appreciate a lot of these fixes since they may have experienced glitches with applications from Windows Container, or App-V packages failures and so on.

Schedule Tasks

There have been user complaints involving Schedule Tasks remaining in a queue and not working until people logged on an 1803 device. We live in a day and age when technology runs almost everything, so bug fixes are much appreciated.

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