Leaked Image Reveals Revolutionary Galaxy S10 Smartphone

This week, Samsung has teased that they are designing a notch-less smartphone with a bezel-less screen and it looked so different from what they have created so far. The top of the screen only had a hole for the camera.

Thanks to Bloomberg’s report on 26 October, we found out some interesting facts about the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F phones, which should have Samsung fans very excited.

Samsung doesn’t want to copy Apple’s notch, so they had to come up with a different idea. Their approach is, according to the leaked photo, a drilled hole into the screen for the selfie camera and the front-facing sensors that would be found in the notch to make the design more elegant. But will the display makers mass produce these screens? A smartphone screen protector with a hole at the top was photographed and posted on Weibo:

One thing remains to be seen. If the accessory makers create these products, then they are doing it with a smartphone design in mind. This specific screen protector was created for the Galaxy A8 phone which was recently teased this week at an event. If Samsung has perfected their solution to that notch, then it should be already available for the Galaxy 10. It is that, or the person’s photo was just to spread fake rumors.

However, according to Bloomberg, the design used in the Galaxy A8 will undoubtedly be used in a similar way in the Galaxy S10:

“The standard S10, codenamed “Beyond,” features an OLED screen curved on both sides, round-shaped corners and almost no bezel at the top and bottom, the people said. It will be about the same size as the current 5.8-inch S9 model. The S10 has triple cameras on the back while the front camera is visible and tucked under the screen, the people said. Samsung also plans a bigger “plus” version for next year.”

In September, Samsung revealed that they will start adding new features to their mid-range devices, so it’s not that weird that they’re testing the screen design for A8 before using it in flagship phones. We’ll have to see if it comes with 3D facial recognition, because with that screen, it would mean more holes at the top.

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