Opera Mini vs. Opera Mobile – Choosing The Best Android Browser

If you want to get a different browser on your smartphone, then it’s difficult to choose unless you try several options. However, trying out different browsers can be tedious and time-consuming. If you’ve settled for Opera but cannot make your mind what version is best, here are some features to help you decide.

Opera Mini Features

Opera Mini operates on Java and was designed for phones that cannot access full browsers – it saves a lot of data, and it takes up less storage space. It comes with features that are better than Opera Mobile, but it also has a few things you might consider annoying.

Opera Mini compresses pages and leads to shorter loading time. Thanks to the Opera Servers, this version can be seen on phones better than the Mobile version. It also has a better interface and allows you to choose a mode with a single tab – regular and zoomed in are the two modes.

Opera Mobile Features

Opera Mobile was designed not just for phones, but also for PDAs and PocketPCs. It has many features and supports secure website – this fact makes it both popular and reliable.

The interface is similar to the one of the standard desktop browsers. You can go back one site by tapping on a button and another button for going forward. There is also a refresh option. Opera Mobile has the option to zoom in a page up to 200% and zoom out until 25% of the original size of the page.

This app will also fit the web pages to whatever your screen’s size is. You can also open multiple pages at the same time and flip back and forth whenever you like. Opera Mobile is a decent browser and supports secured websites.

Opera Mobile or Opera Mini?

Which one should you choose? It comes down to what you’re interested in. If you’re used to visiting secured sites and open many pages at a time then go for Opera Mobile.

Opera Mini’s zooming features are amazing and make browsing so fast – that’s only if you don’t need multiple windows or to visit secured websites.

If you like what the two Opera apps offer, you can always have them both installed and get the best of the two according to your needs in different situations.

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