Sound Sky — Play with Rhythm 1.2.0 Comes with an Improved Night Mode Experience

Sound Sky 1.2.0 will turn your display into a window through which you can see the universe made of music. Use this app to journey through space and reach new worlds. On each planet you arrive you will be welcomed with a new song. You will need to play the drums to master it and collect resources to carry on your flight through space.

How to experience it best

When you play the song, try to close your eyes and allow the notes to gradually fade away while you let your instincts control the drumming. Everybody has an inner sense of rhythm. Try to tune into yours as you discover the secrets of the Sound Sky universe.


There are over 100 planets seeded throughout Sound Sky, and it is up to you to discover them. New ones are created and added on a constant basis. So, go ahead and put your space suit on as you start your journey as a cosmonaut and as a musician as well.

The mechanics

You will have to navigate through a live simulation of our universe, one filled with planets, suns, and black holes. Play over 100 original songs on the drums on each planet you come across. You will learn to master the beat by drumming without the help of visual cues.

Forget about your daily chores and troubles by losing yourself to meditative, engaging music and some mesmerizing, eye-catching visuals. You will develop your sense of rhythm as you discover the new worlds of the Sound Sky universe.

What’s new?

Sound Sky 1.2.0 comes with an improved experience of its Night Mode. Also, the Settings are changed so it will be easier to adjust for audio delay. Various bugs were fixed as well, so everything is there waiting for you.

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