– No Longer Just A Search Box On Mobile, Now Showing Google Discover Feed

When you visit, Google’s home page on mobile devices, you will see more than just a simple search box. Now you will also see the new ‘Google Discover’ feed that was announced by the company almost a month ago.

Google Discover

This is the new name for Google Feed and it will show you news and topics around items that are of interest to you. Google Discover will provide you information about your interests, like your favorite news site or sports team, without having to search for them.

Don’t want it?

Those that don’t want their searches influenced by Google Discover can simply turn it off on their mobile browser by going to the menu bar and then clicking on settings. Then, click ‘Discover’ and ‘Don’t show on homepage’.

You can also go to the official Google app and perform similar actions. Select Settings, then ‘Discover’, and finally choose to ‘Turn off Discover’.

How does Google know what to show?

In order for it to know what to show in Discover, Google uses the information gathered from other Google products and your device. Also, Google uses the data stored in your Google Account. At its turn, this data is based on settings that can be turned on or off, depending on what you wish.

These settings include Web and App Activity, which once turned on will give Google access to Location History and Device Information. Speaking of location settings, some Discover updates are shown based on your home location.

When your location isn’t available, Google resorts to using your device’s current location or your work location. Remember, you can always change the settings to let Google know what kind of updates you want to see in Discover.

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