Google Thinks of Offering a “Play Pass” for Android Apps

If you’re into buying apps or spending money on apps on your phone, then rumors show Google might be thinking of adding a subscription model, probably called “play pass” for Android apps. Will this be of interest for those that are not fond of paying for apps? It all depends on the offer – if Google plans on offering interesting bundles all in a subscription, maybe it’s not a bad idea after all.

XDA and Kieron Quinn found code references and a survey created by Google Opinion Rewards asking about subscription services on Android. The survey says that the pass might offer apps and games that are “hundreds of dollars” worth for a monthly rate yet not specified. Here’s a look at the survey:

According to Android Central, studies show that Google Play’s revenue per download is a lot lower than Apple’s App Store. In the last four years, Apple has had 119% growth in revenue earned from the store. Google’s Play Store has only seen a 14% increase.

Will Google be able to close the gap if they persuade users to pay an affordable fee each month and get some free apps? There are a few questions such as what apps will Google choose to add in the monthly bundle and wouldn’t that make them favor some producers instead of others? Would Google only offer their own apps for the subscription? These are some of the questions Google might need to address before they roll out this feature if they do it.

Sometimes, Google sends these kinds of surveys about services or products that are in testing. For example, in 2016, they asked users about tasty foods that start with the letter “N.” One of the foods suggested was “Nougat,” and that’s probably why Android 7.0 was named Android Nougat.

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