iPad Pro – Has Apple Decided To Use it For Real?

It looks like the iPad Pro had enough with being just a movie watching machine and it actually seems to try to live to Apple’s expectations of being a productivity machine. What brought the iPad Pro into a state where it could was better application support, a new processor and a few design tweaks.

It could present itself as a competitor to actual 2-in-1s like the Pixel Slate or the Surface Pro. Not everybody is talented when it comes to art or music, but everybody likes to take photos and spend hours on Photoshop trying to tweak and mask a pic to make it better.

What does that have to do with the iPad Pro?

Well, this device will feature a full version of Photoshop, making it easier to learn photo editing than the Wacom tablet which many of us had to use. Also, the iPad will come with support for CAD and AutoDesk as well. This would come extremely handy for architects who look to stop using the AutoCAD as they could instead render CAD files on an iPad.

The new Pencil

Speaking of drawing or making sketches, the new Pencil seems to feel as familiar as a drafter’s instrument. When you place it on a specific point on the side of the Pro, it will immediately snap securely with a satisfying click. Don’t worry, it pops back off with ease. Also, it is capable of charging while being attached to the tablet.


Apple chose to place a Liquid Retina on the iPad Pro, like it did with the iPhone XR. Liquid Retina is a fancy term for a display with curved corners. Apple claims that it is able of supporting the P3 colorspace, which is a gamut with wide colors and more realistic greens and reds.

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