Samsung Galaxy S10 has an Improved Design and Bigger Screen

Bloomberg reported on Monday that the Samsung Company is collaborating with Verizon Communications to add to their new Samsung Galaxy S10 a 5G wireless chipset. Koh Dong-jin the chief from Samsung reported that by March or a month later, in 2019 the project is expected to be done, which means that the company will have 5G-capable phones.

Rumors say that phone will come out in three different versions: two large ones, 6.1 inches and 6.4 inches for the Plus, which will also come with an in-display fingerprint and the most affordable one 5.8 inches but they all have the same Samsung’s Infinity Display.

Samsung has to choose between two prototypes in the last step for the design of these devices. One model is longer horizontally and the other larger vertically for a better experience while using it. Due to their bigger screens, the display weighs over 200 grams.

DJ Koth the Samsung’s mobile business chief suggested that there will be very important and major design changes and new color. However, a leak wrote on OnLeaks reported that the colors might be Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow.

The camera is expected to have a bigger and better resolution such as 1440 x 3040 which is a possible idea since Samsung made the device very thing with slim bezels.

Fans say that Samsung might rename the range, releasing the next model as the Samsung Galaxy X rather than the Galaxy S10. Koh Dong-jin reported:

“We have been thinking about whether we need to maintain the S moniker or the numbering system” so there is a big chance.

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