Apple iOS 12.1 – The New Major Features

Yesterday marked the release of iOS 12.1 by Apple that happened in conjunction with the Special Event held by the company inside the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The same event introduced us to the new 13.3-inch MacBook Air with Touch ID and Retina Display, new iPad Pros with USB-C and Face ID, and fresh Mac mini.

Before the iOS 12.1 was released, Apple launched a User Guide for the update. The new features included inside the update involve Dual SIM Support, depth control in Camera Preview, more than 70 emoji additions, and Group FaceTime.

Group FaceTime

This feature will allow you to talk with people in numbers ranging from 2 to 32 during a video chat. Also, you can add another person to your call or join an active FaceTime call quite easily. Add stickers and filters through the same camera effects built into Messages. Increase the level of fun by appearing in the video chat with Memoji or Animoji.

New Emojis

As we previously said, there are 70 new emojis added to iPads and iPhones that have the iOS 12.1 update. They consist of characters with gray, curly, red or no hair. Also, you can find new smiley faces and food emoji like a cupcake, a mango, a bagel or leafy greens.

New emojis include sports like softball and lacrosse or animals like a kangaroo, a llama, a mosquito, a swan, a raccoon, and a lobster. Global users now have a moon cake emoji, a red gift envelope and more.

Depth Control in Camera

This feature will allow your camera to have advanced depth segmentation while being in Portrait mode, enabling sharper portraits with bokeh of a professional level. You will be able of adjusting the depth of field in a dynamic way and preview the pics in real time.

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