Best Private-by-default Browsers To Surfing On Android

With all those cyber attacks and hackers waiting to hit as soon as they found the right opportunity, online security is one of modern society’s greatest concerns. Since a big part of our sensitive personal information can be found online, it easy to be involved in dangerous situations.

Specialists say that people with mischievous intentions can access our personal data and hack into our computers every time we search the Internet. We are exposed even when we use the WWW information source on smartphone or tablet. Besides, when we want to keep our online activity private, we have to prevent others from looking at our browsing history.

Incognito mode protects us from nosy intruders and cyber threats

Nowadays, we use Android systems for communication, to make photos, record videos and much more. Every smartphone or tablet owner can be found online on one of these devices and becomes a possible victim of cyber crimes.

One of the safest ways to surf the Internet on an Android device is by using the Incognito mode. This privacy method comes with several advantages that are definitely worth mentioning.

  1. First and foremost, it’s a lot safer to log into your accounts by using Incognito mode. If you do this, the device won’t save your log in details and this is helpful in case you borrow your phone or tablet to someone else or if it gets stolen. The last thing you want is someone using your Facebook or email!
  2. Secondly, Incognito browsing saves you from irrelevant advertising. Private searches won’t prevent ads from appearing, but at least you won’t have to see ads and promotional materials connected to your anterior online activity every time you start a new search;
  3. If you are the proud user of two account and you want to be logged into both on one Android device, all you have to do is access one of them in your normal browser and the other one in the Incognito mode;
  4. Another reason for private browsing could be that you want to keep the reason of your search a secret: maybe you are looking for ideas about the perfect gift or it’s about your personal life. Either way, you can keep your surfing history to yourself by using the private mode;
  5. When you are Incognito, cache and cookies won’t be able to interfere with your experience. For this reason, you can use this mode to test various websites and debug software.

Private-by-default browsers are becoming more and more popular among Android users

By now, most smartphone and tablet users know how to turn the Incognito mode on and off. Needless to say, you can use it on Android devices or computers, even if you are using Chrome or Firefox.

However, the Internet is a tricky environment and you can never have enough privacy. Since people are always looking for the safest ways to protect their online activity, they have created private-by-default apps. These mobile browsers are also called apps because you can download them from Google Play.

Several options are available, but two private-by-default browsers are becoming more and more popular.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

This app was created for keeping online treats and advertising cookies away from you. Websites accessed through it are forced to use encryption and become more secure. In addition, it ranks websites’ privacy with scores from A to F, so that the user could know which one is safe and the ones which should be avoided. Also, you can clear all the tabs with just one tap of the Fire button.


This mobile browser keeps you in Incognito mode permanently, so all your online activity is deleted as soon as you press Close, Home or Exit buttons. It is user-friendly and reliable, because it also comes with TOR support via Orbot and gives people the possibility to access VPN services. Last, but not least, offers greater protection against mischievous activity and disturbing cookie ads.

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