Foldable Phones: LG Says: “Anything is possible at CES”

We’re still into the bezel-less phones right now, but what we all want to see is a foldable phone. And according to leaks, rumors and some official teasers point to a foldable phone made by LG. Many manufacturers have stated they’re working on developing these phones, but LG hasn’t revealed anything – until now!

Evan Blass, the famous mobile leaker, found out that LG might be in on the foldable phone wagon, and it could be as soon as January 2019, at CES. Blass posted on Twitter that he cannot speak for Samsung, but he knows this:

“LG plans to unveil a foldable phone at its 2019 CES keynote.”

There are no other details about the device, or if it will only be a tech showcase and not an actual product designed for selling, but the rumor has (to a certain extent) been validated by Ken Hong, who is the LG’s head of global corporate communications, saying in an interview with Digital Trends:

“LG’s policy is not to comment on rumors and speculation.”

However, when pushed to this subject, he added that “anything is possible at CES.”

LG has had several patents for folding phones, and there were leaks in 2017 that the company had a foldable device. Before that, they were the pioneers of the flexible screen found in G Flex and G Flex 2.

But what does it mean that anything is possible at CES? Samsung and Huawei have already confirmed their intentions on folding phones, but neither has said that they plan to launch anything by 2019. For instance, Huawei linked the folding phone with the 5G tech, so it won’t arrive until 5G network launches, but there is no date for 5G either. Microsoft is also rumored to be working on a foldable design.

Until CES 2019 begins on January 8, we will probably learn more about LG’s foldable phones.

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