iOS 12.1 Update Available to Download and Install with Battery Improvements

The latest iOS update adds new battery management options for iPhone 8 and XS while also increasing overall battery life for older devices.

The company formally acknowledged that in the case of a chemically depleted battery the system will automatically throttle the processor in order to maintain higher battery autonomy while also noting that most users won’t be able to tell the difference.

The throttling will be employed in a less intrusive manner as Apple perfected the process. Throttling was first introduced to iPhones models ranging between 6 and 7 Plus. When the system observes significant changes in heating and/or battery performance, it will automatically slow down the processor in order to prevent unexpected shutdowns or long-term damage. The iOS 12.1 will increase the range up to the iPhone X and the change could be well-received by users that don’t wish to visit an Apple Care center in order to have their battery replaced.

Apple faced severe controversies last year when it first acknowledged that it was throttling devices with damaged batteries. They apologized and offered a discount on battery replacement s but the outcry was far From stopping. Several lawsuits targeted the company while some countries launched government investigations, claiming throttling was part of a planned obsolescence strategy in order to encourage users to upgrade their devices.

Apple was recently fined by Italy’s antitrust regulator, which argued that the company should have given the users the option to agree or disagree with throttling instead of covertly making the choice for them. Samsung also received a fine for a faulty Marshmallow update that rendered Note 4 devices unusable since the system requirements were too high but the company still decided to make it available.

The issue was solved in iOS 11.3 when Apple added an option that allows the users to enable or disable throttling at will. If the smartphone detects an unexpected shutdown it will enable throttling by default even if it was previously disabled.

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