SoundCloud – Music & Audio 2018.10.31-release Brings Interesting Stuff

The upload

A brand new feature found on SoundCloud will bring you a list consisting of the freshest new music uploaded to this platform that was previously personalized to your taste after data was collected on a daily basis.

SoundCloud constantly expands its mix of music and with such uploads happening every day, the app’s designers made it easier for us to filter through it all and find the tracks we are bound to love.

The Upload feature will utilize machine learning to recommend us music that was uploaded within the last few days, based on what we previously liked and played. So, the more you use SoundCloud, the better your suggestions from The Upload will become, as they will be fine-tuned to your tastes.


Considered by the most of us the largest music and audio streaming platform in the world, SoundCloud has over 150 million tracks and the collection will keep on growing. SoundCloud allows a buzzing community of musicians and artists to upload new music constantly, making this platform a place where you can find the next big musicians alongside live sets, chart-topping albums, and mixes that will suit every occasion.

SoundCloud comes with an enormous catalog that will let you discover amazing electronic, rap, rock, jazz, classical music alongside podcasts and more.


You will be able to stream, discover, and share a mix of music that expands constantly at any time and from any place. There are over 150 million songs that come from either established or upcoming artists.

You can download your collection and listen on the go without being interrupted by ads, allowing for a unique listening experience. A percentage of all of SoundCloud Go’s revenue is used to support the artists from the platform.

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