Apple Would Launch its First iPhone with 5G Connectivity in 2020

Apple plans to launch its first iPhone with 5G connectivity in 2020 and has now reached an agreement with Intel to use its next model of the modem for mobiles, the Intel 8061 version.

Apple will use Intel 8061 modem version for its first iPhone with 5G connectivity

Apple’s plans include choosing Intel as the sole provider for modems adapted to high-speed data networks that will be used on its first iPhone with 5G, according to Fast Company tech news portal which cited some inside sources.

The iPhone with 5G, which Apple is working to launch commercially during the year of 2020 according to the sources, will be developed using the Intel 8060 modem temporarily, only for prototypes and tests, but its final variant would come with Intel 8161 modem.

As mentioned above, however, Apple plans to use the next model of Intel modem for mobiles, the Intel 8061 modem, on which the company is currently working and which will be designed using the 10-nanometer architecture.

The first iPhone with 5G would come out in 2020, one year after other manufacturers’ 5G-compatible smartphones

Intel’s new modem would increase transistor density to improve speed and efficiency. Apple has opted for Intel as the only modem provider, ahead of other manufacturers such as MediaTek with which the Cupertino-based company had previously collaborated with.

The temperature problems of Intel’s current modems are due to the high workload of the connections, which can result in the heating of the devices, which might trigger several issues for the smartphones, especially at the¬†battery level.

Apple will launch its first iPhone with 5G connectivity a year later than other companies, such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo, which have already announced that they will present their first 5G-compatible smartphones during 2019.

In short, Apple will release its first iPhone with 5G connectivity in 2020, and it will use the upcoming Intel 8061 modem.

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