iPhone – People Might Have Liked To Keep The Home Button

When the iPhone XR was announced people in general and tech bloggers in particular seemed incredibly excited by the fact that they could get something like the expensive iPhone XS but a much smaller price. However, now it seems that the public isn’t too satisfied.

Why is that?

According to the report coming from Nikkei Asian Review, Apple canceled a production boost for the iPhone XR since the phone doesn’t seem to sell as well as the Californian company believed not too long ago. However, the iPhone 8 is performing better that what was originally expected, from the selling point of view. This makes us believe that maybe people liked the home button

The hard truth

This piece of news must have come as a shock for the accountants down at Apple headquarters. That’s because the company’s marketing strategy proposed the new iPhones with the Face ID feature as a successful strategy. At the beginning there were some early soft voices that spoke against this kind of change and envisioned bad iPhone X sales, although Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, disavowed them later.

After he did so, he announced that the first iPhone without a Home button will represent the best-selling model for the company for every week that it will be available. Another important factor that was also decisive was that it represented the first iPhone coming with a $1000 price tag.

Many wondered if this figure wouldn’t prevent consumers from acquiring it, especially since now you can get a much cheaper smartphone and it could do all the things that you might want it to do.

Soon after, the iPhone XR was released. Despite what the people from Apple expected, the lower price and the larger screen, it seems that the public isn’t so receptive.


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