MacBook Air 2018 and Mac Mini Reviews– Apple Highlights 2018

The reviews for the fresh 2018 MacBook Air and Mac Mini just went live this morning before the launch, which will happen tomorrow. During a press release, Apple highlighted some reviews from several media sites that were able to have some time testing the new machines.

The sites from which Apple chose to share a few review passages include Daring Fireball, WIRED, PC Mag, CNBC, Six Colors, Tom’s Guide and so on.


The Daily Express, for example, stated that the “fans of this laptop” will really like the new update since “it takes the concept of power and ultimate portability to a whole new level,” while Daily Fireball called the MacBook Air the product that “most people should buy”.

According to Gear Patrol, the MacBook Air is the ideal computer for those of us that look to do usual things such as browsing the web, answering emails, or watching movies. Refinery29 put the accent on the MacBook Air’s incredible 12-hour battery life.

The Mac Mini

When it comes to the Mac Mini, Six Colors stated that the new product from the franchise has features that allow it to fill a wide range of requests and needs, from the basic server needs to “high-end applications that require a great deal of processor power.”

Tom’s Guide, on the other hand, stated that the Mac Mini represents the best possible option for those looking for a compact Mac desktop for streaming media or those that are new to Apple computing. ZDNet referred to the new update as a version “designed for all types of users” since it no longer serves a niche market.

As usual, Apple selected inside its roundup only highlights of the positive elements from each review. Those wishing one of these devices should spend more time doing their research.

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