The New Foldable Phone From Samsung Is Real And Can Extend Into A Tablet

This Wednesday, Samsung offered us the first glimpse at its upcoming foldable device, a phone which is said to be mass produced in the months that follow. Samsung’s senior vice president of mobile marketing, Justin Denison, showed off the device, which resembles a tablet once it is fully opened and then a phone when it is ‘closed’.

New tech

The foldable phone uses a new display technology called the Infinity Flex Display which will enable you to open and close the device on a repeated basis without this resulting in any form of degradation.

Denison stated in this regard that “The Infinity Flex Display represents an entirely new mobile platform. We’ve been living in a world where the size of your screen can only be as large as the device itself. We’ve added a new dimension to help you browse, watch and multitask like never before.”

Multiple support

This upcoming innovation can run up to three apps at the same time, something that Samsung calls Multi Active Window. Glen Murphy, the head of Android UX down at Google’s HQ, took the stage after the vice president and said the new technology will definitely be supported by Android.

Other news

According to Denison, the South Korean tech giant is also working on technology for stretchable and rollable screens. Wednesday and Thursday Samsung chose to hold its fifth annual developers conference in San Francisco. At first, the event was small in nature, gathering up a small crowd in a San Francisco hotel in 2016. Now, it expanded to Moscone Center West, where Apple already hosted this kind of developer contest before.

Ever since it teased the possibility of such a phone, Samsung chased it like the holy grail. Let’s home we manage to see it for real soon.

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