MX Player 1.10.22 beta Comes With Interesting New Stuff

The latest version of MX Player represents a powerful video player that comes with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support.

Hardware acceleration and multi-core decoding

This interesting feature can be applied to more than one video through the use of a new HW+ decoder. MX Player is perhaps the first Android video player which is capable of supporting multi-core decoding. According to different test results, there is actual proof that dual-core devices have their performance increased by up to 70 percent than those coming with just a single core.


You will be able to easily zoom in and out by swiping and pinching across the screen. Besides this, you will find that Zoom and Pan is also available by option.

Subtitle gestures

You can scroll backward or forward in order to move to the next or the previous text. Also, scroll up and down to move the text according to those directions. Finally, zooming in and out will also change the text size.

Lock it for your kids

You will be able to keep your kids entertained without having to worry about the possibility that they can make calls or touch other apps which they aren’t supposed to.

What’s new?

MX Player now offers you the basic support for pls playlists. Also, you will see that it is capable of reconnecting automatically to various network streams in case the playback should fail before the end of the stream.

The error handling has been improved on network failures. It used to be that the MX Player failed to seek some TS and MPG files, but this got fixed in the meantime. Also, another fix was used for the crashes that were caused by the accessibility services on the login screen.


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