Google Maps – Navigate & Explore 10.4.0 beta Comes With Something Nice For Electric Cars’ Owners

Google Maps helps a lot of people to navigate the world in an easier and faster way. The app manages over 220 countries and territories through maps which also show millions of various places and businesses.

Among its features, the 10.4.0 beta version of Google Maps will allow you to benefit from real time GPS navigation, traffic and transit information and it will let you explore your neighborhood to find out where you can go to eat or drink, regardless of your place on the map.

Recent progress

The past months had Google Maps receiving additions like music controls, group trip planning, ETA sharing, commuter tools, personalized recommendations and so on.

What happens now?

Just recently, Google Maps introduced a new way for you to follow your favorite businesses, such as stores, restaurants, or bars. This update will let you know when there’s something going on at your favorite pub.

Facebook, is that you?

It pretty much sounds like some sort of Facebook-Google Maps fusion, right? Well, you aren’t wrong to feel this way. This comes straight from Google: after you choose to ‘follow’ a business, you will begin to find out the news related to that place, such as offers, upcoming events and so on. This will be accessible in the ‘For You’ tab found in Google Maps.

Experience more

Google Maps 10.4.0 beta features offline maps, meaning that you will search and navigate a certain region even if you don’t have an internet connection. Street view and indoor imagery will show you how shops, museum or restaurants look like.

Big places like stadiums, airports or malls come with indoor maps to find your way quicker. The latest version lets you know where to find EV charging stations so you can charge your electric car.


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