Best Lightweight Browsers suitable for Windows 10

The majority of us know only about big giants such as Google Chrome (which seems to be the most popular one nowadays), Safari, Firefox, Opera and so on. Granted, they are popular especially because they are able of doing their job pretty good and they come with some additional helpful features as well.

What is less known is that they can weigh down on your computer, and you definitely don’t want that. Read below and find some worthy alternatives.

  1. Midori Windows Browser

Midori is a lightweight open-source browser designed for Windows 10. This product isn’t just lightweight as it also supports significant features that can be found on a mainstream browser, such as bookmarks, HTML5 support, RSS support, spell checker, incognito browsing and so on.

  1. Comodo IceDragon

The first thing you should know is that IceDragon comes from a security company which somewhat clarifies the superpower incorporated in this browser. Besides coming with robust security, this browser comes with necessary features which are similar to those from Mozilla Firefox, including extensions, menus, add-ons and such.

  1. SeaMonkey

Just like Midori, SeaMonkey is also an open source Windows browser. This product is capable of offering much more than regular web browsing. It comes with a built-in email client and it also helps you develop simple web pages through its built-in editor.

  1. Maxton Cloud Browser

This one is a browser coming with some features that aren’t even offered by its major competitors. It comes with a built-in ad blocker which is something craved by a lot of users and, unfortunately, there are quite a few browser that lack it. Besides the ad-blocker, Maxton will offer you a screen capture tool, read mode, night mode and much more.

Hopefully, you will manage to find yourself the most suitable lightweight browser from what you’ve read.

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