Opera Mini vs. Dolphin – Which One Is Better?

When we compared Opera Mini versus Dolphin, we found that the online community recommends Opera Mini for the majority of users. When asked ‘which are the best Android web browsers?’ Opera Mini came in on the 6th rank, while Dolphin only got the 8th place. It seems that the main reason that Opera Mini was chosen over Dolphin is represented by the fact that it works great with phones with lower RAM or performance issues.

Dolphin Pros

First of all, Dolphin can support split views in two navigational areas, leaving you with the possibility of navigating through two different directories at the same time. Then, the developers of Dolphin followed KDE’s lead of being configurable and extendable. You will be able to easily configure and customize Dolphin through various plugins.

Dolphin works fast: by pressing F4 when inside any open folder on a mounted path you will open a console within Dolphin. Also, you can opt for pictures to come with or without preview as you can select for whichever you want with just a touch of a button.

Opera Mini Pros

First, Opera Mini allows you to check the settings to see just how much data you used and, of course, how much Mini saves you. Its ‘Multi-task’ feature will allow you to keep multiple pages open at the same time.

Also, Opera Mini enables you to browse privately. All of us would like to keep some pages private so, if you don’t like something saved in your history, you can browse incognito through private tabs.

Opera Mini will have you benefit from smarter downloads. The process happens in the background and if you are not using Wi-Fi and chose to download something large, it will hold off until you come across a Wi-Fi spot.

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