Galaxy Note 8 – Samsung tests out Android Pie

While we already received confirmation that the Android 9.0 Pie update will naturally come to the current smartphone lineup of Samsung which includes the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9+, what about the rest of the devices? Well, it seems that we at least have found something regarding the Galaxy Note 8.

Some sort of confirmation has come up telling that the Korean OEM is already testing out the Pie build for the phablet released last year. Unfortunately, we have no other details to go through, such as the time when it will be rolled out but since the flagships are not yet updated, don’t hold your breath.

There are some sources saying that Samsung is testing out N950FXXU5DRK4 for the Galaxy Note 8. While it doesn’t really confirm that it is really the Pie update, the firmware which is based on Oreo had the CRxx format for its last four letters of the software version. The presence of the ‘D’ in the last four letters of the firmware that is being updated should suggest that it will be a major upgrade.

We know that some of you might feel like it is a stretch and it may just be a big feature which is yet to roll out, but it is also not unlikely that this is indeed ‘a piece of’ Pie for the Galaxy Note 8. Another unclear aspect is whether this firmware will also come with the One UI interface which has been announced just recently. It will represent the latest version of Samsung’s popular Android skin.

This is meant to replace the Samsung Experience which previously replaced TouchWiz. According to Android Authority, we received confirmation that it will also be released not just to the current lineup of phones but also to the older devices, including the Galaxy Note 8.

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