Sims 5: What Should We Expect?

We’ve all heard of Sims, and we know what the game means to our community. We’re glad to announce that the franchise just keeps evolving. It’s a very popular game. However, there are some people who believe it’s not that good of a game. But the fanbase keeps itself strong and loyal.

Remember when we were not sure if we’re going to get The Sims 5?  If we are to take a look at the success the last game had, we will definitely get a new game. However, we don’t have an official statement about the game. But there are many rumors on the internet, that’s for sure.

There are going to be some major changes

Sims 5 will come with big changes. Let’s take a clear example: you know how you stayed for hours to build the perfect house – and we’re serious about the hours – 3, at least (that’s what happened to us). This problem was solved in the 4th game, but we expect even more improvements with The Sims 5. It might be easier for you to choose a place for your Sim to live in and just start playing.

What do the players want?

The community asked for free mobility for the new game. This is actually the number one request from the fans. In The Sims 3, the Sims was able to go roam around the neighborhood aimlessly. The situation changed in The Sims 4, where you had a loading screen popped up, even if you tried to ask your Sim to go around the neighborhood or visit the next-door neighbor.

Users also want more clothes to choose from, more hairstyles, or hair, generally. It’s true, we’re a bit limited when it comes to choosing our hairstyles, and many people had to just go with it, even if they weren’t pleased with the options.

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