Dark Mode Is Finally Available With Google Contacts v3.2

Dark mode is popular among many apps, and even more apps are supposed to get it in the future. That is because this model comes with numerous advantages. First of all, it is a lot easier on the eyes. Using an app, especially during night time, is a lot smoother if dark mode is one. In addition to that, it has been also proved that this mode preserves battery life.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Google Contacts also received the dark mode redesign. Many users have been asking for a dark theme for a while now. It appears that Google plans to add the dark mode to many apps, and some of them have already received, including Google News and Android Messages.

Google Contacts Dark Mode

The update took place in several stages, and the new Material interface arrived back in August. However, it was version 3.2 which brought the dark theme. This version was released recently, and it makes the mode completely functional. In order to access the mode, you need to go to the pull-out menu. There is an option for “Turn dark theme on”.  When you want to turn it off you just need to go to the same place and choose “Turn dark theme off”.

It is also possible that you don’t see the toggle in the place where it is supposed to be. In this situation, you should see “Dark theme in device Settings is on”. This means that you need to go to Developer options and disable Night mode.

This appears to be the only major change that came with Google Contacts v 3.2. If you want to see the dark mode right away you might need to get the APK for the app. Alternatively, you can also wait until it is released for everyone.

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