WhatsApp Plus vs. GB WhatsApp – Which One Is Better?

Both WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp come with almost the same features, although WhatsApp Plus might offer something extra, such as a custom theme store, unlike GB WhatsApp which comes with only a limited number of themes.

GB WhatsApp you will get some additional features such as the in-app locker or more file sending capacity. Both mods are based on the original version of WhatsApp and that is exactly why both of them are completely safe to use. WhatsApp Plus has the advantage of coming with a wider range of emojis as opposed to GB WhatsApp.

Another downside of GB WhatsApp is that it doesn’t allow you to change how the icon looks. However, WhatsApp Plus will allow you to change your icon packs and it will also provide you with a range of emojis. GB WhatsApp comes with a network speed that is faster than what WhatsApp Plus has to offer. This will allow you to share media or documents at a faster rate.

GB WhatsApp seems to resemble the normal version of WhatsApp since it comes with only a few more features. On the other hand, WhatsApp Plus will allow you to customize the whole look, starting with the icon and ending with the interior. That is why it is better for some people who are looking to change the design of their WhatsApp.

When we compared GB WhatsApp with the WhatsApp Plus we found that WhatsApp Plus is more relevant for those people who look for something more customizable. The rest of us who might enjoy something similar to the normal WhatsApp app that comes with a few added features might want to look towards downloading and installing GB WhatsApp. In the end, the choice will be entirely yours.

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