Snapchat Beta Offers Bug Fixes And Improvements

The creators of Snapchat like to think of it as a camera. Not the classical type that comes with a lens cap and a flashbulb. It represents a new kind of camera that allows you to remain in touch with either your friends or the rest of the world. There are over 180 million people that choose to use it every day for playing, learning or talking – you can use it for some fun pictures as well.

Features of Snapchat

The main feature of Snapchat, probably, is its capability of showing pictures or messages for only a limited amount of time before they become lost in oblivion. Originally, the app focused on person-to-person photo sharing but now Snapchat allows users to share ‘Stories’ which last just 24 hours before they disappear.

“Discover” is another unique feature of Snapchat which allows various brands to share short forms of content which are supported by ads. This app took the world by surprise, becoming a mobile-first direction for social media which was really a new thing back then.


It used to be that special effects were really… special – well, that’s how they got that name after all. However, this app takes special effects and turns them simple. You will be able of turning day into night, grant a chipmunk voice to your coworkers or create some stickers with your pets or friends.

By using Snapchat you will create a canvas from the rest of the world and it will provide you a lot of tools to have fun with. Last but not least, you can travel the world by using the Snap Map, where users from all over the place add videos or photos on a daily basis. What do you think, it is worth a try? We think so as well.



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