Google Play services (Android TV) 14.5.74 Will Speed Up Your Offline Searches

Being an Android user means that you are at all times exposed to great content via the Play Store. Apps like Facebook and Gmail or games like Clash of Clans or Candy Crush are just a tiny bit of what you can enjoy or get addicted to. You should know that not one of these apps will work as they are supposed to without the help of Google Play Services.

This is a background app, meaning that you don’t find it inside the Play Store. However, it is instrumental in enabling your phone to download updates when it is appropriate. There are some cases when it fails to update on its own and that is why we are talking about Google Play Services (Android TV) 14.5.74, because in these cases you need to update manually.

Perhaps there are plenty of people that received a notification on their phones that told them to update Google Play Services and wondered just what that was. It represents a background service which provides core functionality for guaranteeing that everything works just as planned. Basically, it is the app that runs the Play Store.

In fact, it is in charge of controlling the updating and the downloading of new apps and it ensures that everything is running smoothly, holding a crucial role for using the apps from the Play Store. If you somehow deactivate it, then you will soon notice that some apps will stop working like they are supposed to.

When you start getting notices about updating Google Play Services it means that that one packs quite a bit of size. Again, without it you will see various apps start to crash, not work properly or even fail to open. This means that Google Play Services is really that important for your apps and games to run properly.

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