Apple Might Be Working On A Device Similar To Google Chromecast

Rumors continue to arise regarding the supposed Apple video streaming platform that the Cupertino-based company would be working on, as we speak. On this occasion, according to the most recent information, Apple would have already started working on a device similar to Google Chromecast.

Apple Might Be Working On A Device Similar To Google Chromecast

As the rumor’s source reported, Apple would have considered launching a low-cost device with which to make a niche in the market of sticks and dongles for television.

Although it is not known whether Apple has discarded this project or not, it would be a much cheaper platform than Apple TV with which the company could offer access to its content. Like Apple TV, this accessory would work with the tvOS operating system.

Apple Would Take Amazon, Google, And Roku By Storm With This New Device

At this point, we cannot deny that this would be an interesting move by Apple. With a device like Google Chromecast, Apple would compete directly with the already available gadgets produced by Amazon, Google, and Roku, among others. Of course, you should take these rumors with a grain of salt, as Apple has not yet confirmed this information.

Apple Will Launch Its Own Video Streaming Service To Compete With Netflix

Over the last few months, many tech news portals debated Apple’s plans to develop its own video streaming service to compete directly with Netflix.

According to some rumors, the Cupertino-based company plans to offer free access to its Apple video streaming service, but only for the users of Apple devices, such as iPhone and iPad owners. If this service would finally become a reality, an Apple device similar to Google Chromecast could help the giant tech company reach a more significant number of customers.

In conclusion, the giant tech company, Apple, might be working on a device similar to Google Chromecast and its own Apple video streaming service.

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