Find the Best Wi-Fi Available Using These Android Analyser Apps

Free Wi-Fi is not that uncommon anymore. In fact, if you are in a public area you might find a long list of networks available. That is because many companies choose to offer free Wi-Fi. They do it in areas with a lot of people, such as bus stations, parks, universities, etc. If you are in one of those places and you do not know which Wi-Fi is the best, you might want to use an app that will help you choose the best network.

Network Master

This app is one of the most popular Wi-Fi analysers. It is one of the few applications which shows real-time network connection speed and it displays it on the status bar of the phone. There is also a network speed optimizer tool and it shows you how many devices are connected to the network. The security and the speed of a network device is tested by this app, and changes are made, if needed.

IP tools

This app comes with many functions, other than the Wi-Fi analyser. For example, you get Lan Scanner, IP details, WHOIS checker, and DNS lookup. However, when it comes to analysing Wi-Fi connections, you only receive the basic features.

Netgear WiFi Analytics

This app shows you the strength of a signal and you also get to see the operating frequency of a Wi-Fi. Users are able to keep a record when it comes to signal strength in different rooms of a house. There is a 1 second refresh interval for the application, but you can change it if you want to.

However, you should know that you won’t be alerted if there are any insecure network connections. You should also know that the app requires location access.

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