Instagram Alpha Will Keep You In Touch With The World

What is great about Instagram is that it provides you an easy way of capturing and sharing the moments of your world. It gives you the opportunity of following your closest ones, friends and family, in order to catch up on what they are up to. Naturally, you can discover other accounts as well, belonging to people from all over the globe who chose to share some things that you might love.

Giving you the possibility of joining a community of over 1 billion people, Instagram will give you the chance of expressing yourself by sharing all the moments of your day, including the highlights of your day and everything in between as well.

Here’s what Instagram will offer you

First and foremost, you can post videos and photos which you would like to keep on your profile grid. You can edit them by adding various filters and creative tools or you can combine multiple clips into one big video.

Then, you can browse content like photos or videos from people who you chose to follow in your feed. The posts which you truly care about will allow you to interact via comments and likes. Your story is a place which you can use to share multiple photos and videos, as many as you like.

Bring them to life by adding text, using drawing tools and other such creative effects. They will disappear after a day passes and won’t appear either on your profile grid or your feed. Also, if you are so inclined, you can go live to catch up with your friends in the moment. You can try to go live with a friend and then share the replay to your story when you are done.

Instagram is really a great social network, a thing proven by the huge amount of people who are using it right now.

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