GTA 5 Multiplayer might be Introduced by Nintendo Switch

Until recently, we didn’t have much information about GTA 5. However, we keep hearing rumors about this game, so we can conclude that its release is getting closer and closer every day. The most commonly heard information about GTA 5 is that Nintendo Switch will be its ”introductory agent”.

This rumor was launched by Take Two Interactive, the famous game publisher. They were the first ones to claim that Nintendo’s newest console is the most suitable for GTA 5’s multiplayer mode. The idea of releasing the game on the Switch became an almost certain fact when Rockstar’s CEO, Straus Zelnick, declared that the collaboration with Nintendo Switch has always been very successful.

GTA 5 could be coming sooner than we expect

Every time a new Rockstar game is released on Nintendo Switch, sales go through the roof. For this reason, developers are motivated to use this platform for launching more awesome creations: Red Dead Redemption, Mafia series and more.

We can’t predict when the 5th episode of Grand Theft Auto will be launched, but its appearance is as controversial as its potential features. The GTA community stressed out some PROs and CONs around the possibility of releasing the game on Nintendo Switch.


  • Thanks to GTA 5, Nintendo Switch will promote a more mature content and this could be an inspired move for Rockstar;
  • GTA has always been a profitable release and the Multiplayer mode on Switch will definitely increase Rockstar’s sales. In addition, this scenario is more realistic than other speculations;
  • With this launch, every GTA format becomes successful. Besides, the Advanced Game Engine is one of the most easily adaptable tools for building games. It can perfectly work on Switch.


  • Developers didn’t have enough time to work on GTA 5 because they were focused on Red Dead Redemption 2;
  • The console might not cope with the game’s modern graphics;
  • If the only version of GTA 5 is the Online mode, Switch doesn’t have the necessary infrastructure for making it work;
  • Maybe the Multiplayer mode won’t be as profitable as Rockstar anticipates.

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