Microsoft OneDrive 5.22 (Beta 1) Allows You To Use Your Fingerprint For Locking The App

Microsoft OneDrive will allow you to perform more things regardless of the place that you find yourself. By using it you will be able to get and share your documents, photos or other types of files from all kinds of devices, such as your Android gadget, your computer – be it a PC or a Mac – and any other tools that you are using.

The Office mobile apps are here for you to maintain your levels of productivity high enough while you work together, no matter where you find yourself. OneDrive app is that kind of Android app which will allow you to work easier with your work or personal files especially when you are on the go.

Features of Microsoft OneDrive

By using OneDrive you will be able to quickly open and save files in Office apps such as Excel, Word, OneNote and PowerPoint. Then, this helpful app will grant you the opportunity to find photos extremely easily thanks to automatic tagging performed by its clever algorithm.

You can enjoy the feeling of working together with other people by sharing various documents and when someone will perform some edits on them they won’t have to signal you because OneDrive will do the job for them through notifications which you will receive promptly.

Your favorite videos and photos can be placed in OneDrive in certain albums which you can later share with your loved ones. Another huge help that comes together with Microsoft OneDrive is the access which it will get you to your most important files and, best of all, you can enjoy it even when you are offline.

We don’t know what else to tell you, so you might want to go ahead and download Microsoft OneDrive 5.22 (Beta 1).

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