HelloTalk — Chat, Speak & Learn Foreign Languages 2.8.1 Redesigned Its Icons

First, let’s grant HelloTalk the praise it deserves. This app is the winner of Google Play’s Best of 2017 for Social Apps inside the select markets.

HelloTalk is the number one global language learning app which also enables you to gain access to a culture exchange community by connecting you with native speakers of foreign languages, such as (Arabic, English, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Russian, and 100 more) and all this is possible without having to pay anything.

Key Features of HelloTalk

This app will allow you to find people who look for something similar to your search inquiries. You can use HelloTalk as a way of practicing your target language with native speakers through the use of audio, video or text messages.

Your communication skills will be improved by performing free video or audio calls to practice. HelloTalk gives you Moments, a feature which you can use to share and ask questions about culture, language, travel or stuff like that and all native speakers will get to see them and comment as well.

Dive deep inside another culture

When you learn a new language by practicing language exchange with actual people, you get to learn more than just the language skills. You will be able to observe a different culture and also a fresh way of seeing the world.

With the help of HelloTalk, you will be able to connect with real people. There are new friends out there who can help you with your Japanese accent, explain the aspects of the Chinese culture to you or be your very own travel buddy when you decide to see France.

Whether you are undertaking study overseas, moving to a new country, or planning your next holiday, you will definitely be prepared to overcome the existing language barriers and experience true cultural diversity.

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