MLB 9 Innings GM 2.7.0 Introduces The Draft System

MLB 9 Innings GM is the app to use when you wish to finally build your dream team. Because this app is officially licensed by the MLB you should really check it out. You will be able to see the realistic appearance of the top players from MLB and you can also use it to draft players from 30 teams belonging to the American League and the National League.

Lead your team to glory

There are multiple modes accessible inside MLB 9 Innings GM. The first one you will encounter is the League or Ladder Mode. In this mode, you will have to become a GM and take your team to the right path towards becoming the World Series Champions.

Then, you will have the Tournament. Here is where you will compete against other users who will come from all over the world. The competition will take place in real time and only one of you will be able to become one of the greatest GMs this game ever saw.

Moving on, you will soon encounter Daily Pick. This interesting game mode will have you predicting the result of a MLB game on a daily basis and you can even get into the Hall of Fame by managing to get the most correct predictions.

Club Match is the place to go to share strategic info which is meant to make your team stronger and compete with other clubs on your way of becoming the best that ever lived. Last but not least, the GM Challenge is the final game mode you will encounter and it will consist of challenging yourself against other 15 teams with which you share a similar team overall. The end result will consist of you earning various rewards but only if you manage to be victorious in your trials.

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