TubeMate 3.1.11 APK Update Is Now Available for Download

It’s most likely that you’ve heard of TubeMate already, especially if you like downloading online videos. And it’s understandable, actually, since is one of the most famous apps of downloading videos from different sites, like YouTube. It’s true, there are other apps that offer these features, but TubeMate is different. The app gets updated through APKs and they’re made to improve the performance and the user experience.

We’ve mentioned before that the app is getting updated constantly, so we come with a brand-new APK, that was released a few days ago. The update comes with a new app number – 3.1.11 and it’s meant to fix debugs.

The new update is available for downloading right now and it’s worth of 8.39MB. It’s not a big update, but it deals with the bugs that needed to be fixed.

The users of this app don’t want to deal with some issues – whether they choose to download online videos or not – so they need to download the latest APK update. It improves the overall performance of the app and it’s something nice to have.

There is one requirement, however

For you to be able to download this app, you have to take into account one thing: your smartphone should run on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or above. But you should also keep in mind that the update has a target audience: smartphones that are powered by Android 7.1 Nougat.

It’s true; it’s not the most amazing APK update that this app gets in a few months. However, it’s still amazing. The apps run batter now, due to the fact that the bugs were fixed.


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